Restricted/Banned Items List

The following items cannot be sent via our shipping service. There may also be further restrictions by the customs of your country so please check with them.

Dangerous or hazardous goods (DGR) e.g perfumes, flammable substances

Damaged or insufficient packaging

Computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones worth above £4,000.

Live animals including mammals, reptiles, fish, etc


Damaged or defective batteries, Lithium batteries

Jewelry, precious metals worth over £4,000

Cash, currency, securities

Illegal goods, such as narcotics, medicinal cannabis

Works of Art, Antiques worth over £4,000

Pornography (whether in printed, film or digital format)

Human remains or ashes in any form

Perishable items such as food stuffs

Flowers and plants

Clinical or biological samples (e.g bodily fluids and tissue samples)

Alcohol, tobacco, cigars, and electronic cigarettes

Weapons, firearms, ammunition and explosives

All types of pharmaceuticals

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